General Dentistry

Caring for your teeth and gums is crucial not only to ensure they look great and last a long time, but it is also important for your general health and wellbeing.

At Plenty Smiles dental clinic in Bundoora, Dr. Manuel Bautista and his expert team of dentists, dental hygienists, and support staff are here to welcome you to our superior dental practice.

What is General Dentistry

Your general dentist is your primary oral and dental care provider. Just like a GP manages your general medical care, a dentist manages your overall oral and dental health, including:


  • Routine dental check-ups – to identify any issues promptly. • Tooth cleaning and polishing – so your mouth feels fresh and your smile looks its best.
  • Preventative dental care – to maintain the health of your teeth, gums, and other oral tissues.
  • Basic oral cancer screening – to identify any new lumps, bumps, or lesions as early as possible, and rule out or promptly address issues.
  • Diagnosing and treating tooth decay – to maintain your teeth and alleviate pain and discomfort.
  • Diagnosing and treating gum disease – to preserve your oral and overall health and wellbeing and help prevent chronic illnesses.
  • Fillings, including amalgam filling replacement to repair teeth, prevent pain, and maximise your safety.
  • Root canal treatment – to save infected or dead teeth.
  • Tooth extractions (including wisdom teeth) – to address advanced tooth decay, gum disease, infection, trauma, or overcrowding.
  • Bridges and dentures – a removable or temporary option to replace missing teeth.

Our General Dentistry Services

Inlays, Onlays & Fillings

Fillings protect your tooth and reproduce your natural colour. This treatment can be used to close gaps between teeth, repair chipped teeth and make your teeth appear more straight and even.

Crowns & Bridges

A covering or cap for an existing tooth. Almost like a helmet, it makes your tooth stronger, longer-lasting and improves the appearance.

Comprehensive Hygiene

The most complete dental clean to maintain a fresh, clean and healthy mouth. Twice a year is all you need.

Comprehensive Exam

A series of exams and X-rays to fully understand your teeth condition. You’ll receive a treatment plan tailored to your needs.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Feel comfortable and confident about your tooth extractions, with local anesthetic and a gentle hand.

Tooth Extraction

Receive complete advice about how to best manage a tooth loss.

Composite Bonding

An affordable way to fix a chipped and discoloured tooth, carefully shaped to make your teeth look more even and natural.


An effective way to straighten your teeth.

Teeth Whitening

Professional Phillips Zoom teeth whitening with immediate results in 60 min.

Unique Payment Plans – INTEREST FREE

Dental work, although not cheap, is extremely important. The more you spend on preventive work, the less expensive it will be in the long run – access to payment plans that can adjust to any budget and allow you to start your treat ment immediately

What’s the Plenty Smiles Difference?

Preventive care for oral diseases

With our preventive dentistry program, your periodic hygiene visit sets apart from conventional checkup and cleans. After a complete and comprehensive dental clean, you will feel a fully renovated mouth. This 60 min appointment aims to make the most of your investment to maintain good dental health. Hence, you can make sure that your visits to the dentist plus optimal dental care practices will trigger multiple benefits of a healthy mouth.

Our experienced hygiene team focuses on preventing oral diseases such as gum disease, tooth decay, among other conditions. In fact, oral diseases are frequent in the Australian population, which significantly affects their general well-being in the long run.

If a disease is already present, early detection can prevent further complex and costly dental treatments.

No rushed or quick dental appointments

In the daily operation, we have adopted a good understanding of the time factor. This has taught us the importance of delivering appointments that address your dental needs with great detail and no rush. Quick checkups and cleans often do not comply with the time necessary to perform the complete cleaning/examination you may need. In this way, you will access high-end dental procedures with more value during the same visit to the dentist.

Once completed the cleaning, a treatment plan will be discussed, covering recommendations and suggested checkups based on individual needs. The dentist and hygienist will take the time with you to explain the whole process and resolve your questions.

All about your dental health in one place

Plenty Smiles is constantly investing in new technologies and training that enhance patients’ dentistry experience and support our dentists and hygienists to perform a better diagnosis. Technology is a great ally to elevate the quality of dentistry your receive. Moreover, it’s all in one place for your comfort, which means you will have a wide offer of services that meet your needs and your family’s needs. So you can have the quality of an awarded dental lab with cutting-edge technologies, master dental technician and ceramists and highly experienced professionals in all areas of dentistry.

Dr Manuel is also a specialist implant and cosmetic dentist, tailoring treatment plans to achieve the results you seek.
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