Single Implants

A Dental Implant can be used to replace almost any missing tooth if there is enough bone at the site of the missing tooth. If there isn't enough bone, there is a procedure that can be performed to assist in the regeneration of the lost bone so the dental implant can be placed safely.

The Dental Implant is surgically placed in the bone below the gum line.  A temporary abutment (or post) may be placed on the dental implant through the healing process. A temporary crown is typically made to fill in the space of the missing tooth.

When the healing is complete, the permanent abutment is attached to the dental implant.

The final step is the cementing of the permanent crown to match your other teeth. The tooth has been replacedwithout disturbing or damaging the healthy teeth next to it and bone loss has been eliminated.



Most natural-looking and functional solution for missing teeth

Nutritional benefits from being able to eat foods you previously couldn’t

No need for removal at night