We know that it may be the first time you hear about paying $50 dollars to make or to keep an appointment. 

Let us explain to you how we all benefit from this!

  • You; as a good patient do not pay for other patients that do not show up to their appointments and make the running of our business more expensive!
  • You; as good patient have the guarantee that if we reschedule or cancel your appointment within 48 hours we will credit your account $50.
  • You; as a good patient will see happy health providers that are running on time. and do not have the stress patients who have come late or did not show up to his/her  appointment.
  • You; as a good patient will benefit from extra investments we can do to our practice when we do not have extra expenses.

We love our profession, but unfortunately, we can not do our job if patients do not come to their appointment which means that is down time for us. 

We appreciate your understanding and look forward to offer you quality dental treatment for you and your love ones.   

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